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Interesting of course that any one can gain a shot of one of those they fly off so fast other wise!
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Originally Posted by condorman View Post
Hey Simon me ol Matey mate u thereeeee???
I,m wondering what lens you had on for this amazing creation pleaseeeeeee? I,ve just ordered some cheapo close up filters to have a go with the macro. I see you have the 50mm 1.8, is this a good un for the close ups?? I,ve seen those amazing shots with the oof background from it am am thinking of getting one, itll be manual focus for me though cos I got no motor in the bod. But I'm thinking for the close ups manual focus would be fine, or maybee moving back n forth a tad.
Cheers Mateeyyy, hope you and your familly have a super new year, best wishes
hi mark

been a little ill over the last few days maybe overdone it with the festive bird i used a tamron 90mm macro lens and a raynox 250 extension tube for this shot although i would have only used the tamron to about half of its ability and let the raynox magnifyer do the rest just by moving slightly forward or backward to get the fly in focus aswell as manual focus as you mentioned ...... if you can afford a raynox 50 - 60 they are a great little addon but not the best ....... i think i would save a little more and get some kenko tubes viewing another thread http://forums.steves-digicams.com/cl...ots-macro.html

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Whayy, Thank's Simon Mateyyyy for the great info. Hope u get better soon.

I wondered about, reversing ring, but I thought that would be a pain with the metering and I thought it would loose lots of light like that.
Then the macro lens but too pricey for me.
Then the tubes and as theres no glass in them they must be the best surely, I seen some cheap ones on net but some have bad reviews about getting them off the body, and the cheap ones didn't have aperture adjust.
I went for the filters as they were crazy cheap, just to have a go till I can get something decent. the tubes sound great. Cheers Mateyyy. Hope your better for the new year.
or ev waaaaa.

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