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Thanks Vito & Kex! I did use a lighting effect in Photoshop to make the leaf almost jump out at you by fading away the edges! I thought it turned out nicely!

Hehe, and glad we're making you laugh! Everyone needs a little humor in life!

Ah, its 9am already! I'm gonna be late for riding!..... Whoever invented waking-up-early-during-summer had someserious issues.
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Jeeeeeeennnn you shoulda been later! I ended up going there at like.... *looks at watch.. realizes that helped none...* anyways I think I went there at maybe 11. Worked sunny for 30 mins and she was sweating like a pig!

I;m still in utter (or is it udder! Moooooo)shock that you took my Chai... remember our baby bottle phase? Ooh now at Caribou I get the ICED chai! Woot! Wanna come over tomorrow morn with Hil and we can swim? We can talk more on MSN about it tonight!

Ha ha ha hoody ho!

....And shes buuuying the stair way to heaven..... ~Zeppelin (Currently in CD player...) I am going to start doing that in every post haha
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