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maybe..but you're half of the work isn't easy...i've tried...not with a praying mantis...but i haven't had the chance...

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A very special series of captures, outstanding job!
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I have found that keeping a mantis in the large jar in the refrigerator(not the freezer) for a few hours slows them down so that you have a minute or so of shooting time before they start moving around too much. This doesn't injure them because refrigerators run around 45F which is only a cool night to them. They can be re-cooled for more photo shoots. If you keep for a day or more,you should feed them some live crickets or grasshoppers. Handle them gently so that they are not injured but I can tell you that they do not return the favor. This cooling method is used by insect photographers for active ones.
The large females should be returned to the wild as soon as possible so that they can proceed with their mating and egg laying.
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chris doudet escribió:
excelent again...

again.. it looks extremely japanese-oriental guy.. like a ninja or a samurai. A wise guy.

I´ll kill bug (bill) :-)
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thx all, shots was taken with 3 different mantis and the last 2was female with, i think, eggs, so they do not fly away, like the first.

thx again
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