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Default Macro shots and Coolpix5700

Hi guys, I had my camera Nikon Coolpix 5700 for 4 months now and I am really interested into getting some good macro shots. This camera is supposed to be able to shoot 3cm infront of its lenz but the thing is...I dont get really sharp images with great detail like the hair on the insect legs etc....
Call me stupid or do I need another camera for these types of shots or is there an add on lenz I can stick on my camera to do macro shots?
So someone help me? :lol:
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I'm not familiar with the model but if it's anything like the CP4500 you should adjust the zoom until the macro indicator turns yellow. From that point it will work ok.
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If you want to see the hair on a bug - you can do two thing.

1. Find a BIG sleeping bug - dont know where - the zoo maybe.
2. Put an extra macrolens/filter in front of the CP5700.

If you take a look at my gallery at this pic:


I imagine it's something like this you talk about. If it is, this is how I did it!

I found a dead bee in my kitchenwindow. I put on a self made macro lens in front of my CP5700, went to macromode and 3 cm. Used tripod. Bingo there is was! The selfmade lens was made out of the glass from a very cheap binocular (10dollars) and I screwed it in front of the lens on my old UR-E6 (from my cp5000).

BUT you can easily take a shot like that. Buy a macro filterset 1-4 and get a filteradapter from Nextphoto. That's it. But a little bit expensive.

Or you can start a search for the BIIIIG sleeping bug with hairy legs! :P :P :P

Good luck!
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find a big bug? Maybe the new Harry Potter movie...your advice is very useful...and your bug pic will keep me up for weeks!

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