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Impressive sharpness stevekin, after the amazing macro ability of my coolpix 995 i am a little unhappy with my A-200 and would like to take advantage of its much better viewfinders. A couple of questions, is the shot of the whole peanut the maximum magnification? How does the auto focus work with the lens? both your shots were manually focused. Thanks for any information.

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Wow..that was a good one. I had no Idea.

Even when I saw the whole pic, I thought it looked like a lemmon.

Good one Stevekin!!:-)
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Wow, I guessed coconot, yeah! :lol::lol:
It's not a lemon? Even with a whole picture I thaught it is a lemon :?
It was nice brain food :-)
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Sorry guys, definitely a Peanut :-). But thanksto allfor guessing .

Carroll, can't show you any more of the peanut. I've eaten it :-).

A quick example in autofocus :

The first shot is of a British two pound coin. Taken in 'P' Mode, macro switched on, 1/160sec, f5, iso 100, @ 200mm with Nikon 4T attached. Flash fired, the subject was approx. 5.75 inches (14.5 cm) from the lens and this is what the lens saw, (the whole frame). Just about the limit for autofocus in this instance, just a light bulb above and the flash head on, not perfect set up by any means:-).But it is much better than the A2 in macro mode without the 4T. And I would imagine it would enhance the macro of your A200 also.

The second is a 100% crop of the first. See all thescratch details.

And this last one is actual size of the coin, give or take a mm.

The coconut and peanut were, as I said, handheld using manual focus on the two second timer. The coin shot was on a mini tripod with the coin bluetacked to my wrist rest, that's why it was easy to measure the actual distance correctly :-).

I have only recently got this lens and not had a whole lot of time to play. But already I like it............ A lot !!

Hope this helps Carroll.



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Thanks stevekin!!! Looks like the lens is capable of excellent results to almost life size in 35mm terms so I will probably be picking one up. Thanks again.

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