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I found some nasty looking spiders around my yard, and went on a fact finding search, thinking I may have found a hobo spider, a relative of the brown recluse, tho not as toxic. The brown recluse, I found out is identified by two things. The fiddle...or "violin" marking on top from head toward the rear (as you can plainly see in the photo of the correctly indetified one) and it has 6 eyes, whereas most spiders have eight. Nasty, nasty little buggers. I also found an interesting fact about wolf spiders in my process of elimination. They have two binocular type vision eyes, which gives them depth perception for running down prey. They don't build webs, and their binocular type set of eyes reflect light in the dark. Just some odd things I found out in my search. I don't believe you have a brown recluse there. Look for the violin on top if you don't want to get close enough to count the eyes.

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