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Well last night I went for a long ride to check out some color laser printers. Well I got first hand experience seeing these print the demo page plus other secondary internet pages if hooked up:

Samsung clp-600 – The matte finish was ok, it reminded me of an early ink-jet printer and the quality just wasn't there for me. It had horizontal banding in the image and slight patterning on gradients. I wasn't really all that impressed with this printer for the money. Now I didn't research the toner costs for any of these which is probably a must So if anyone has input please provide. I think they should stick with TV's and not printers as I love their DLP sets.

Okidata c5500n – LED based printer. Now this one I like! Of all the ones I tested and showed everyone picked this as the best, it could be the image itself but I like the glossy look and the color is rich and solid. There was some crosshatching in graphics and the black text was a bit lighter than others but still dark. However if I had to pick one I would choose this model, my only concern is toner, it seems a bit pricey for color lasers. One thing I liked about it was the ability to handle 110lb stock which the guy ran through for me, looks decent and didn't jam up. I would also like to add that this printer seemed to be the fastest especially on the second color page coming out less than 11 sec. Oh and the red did seem a little orange but still an acceptable level for me because it could reproduce some nice dark reds.

Okidata 3400n – LED based printer. Ok for the budget minded folks this one sure fits right. It's cheap, no LCD screen and still handles the cardstock and is relatively fast. There's noticeable vertical lines and crosshatching and retains the same black text issue as the 5500n. Small fonts on both of these printers appeared sharp even at small sizes. I have to say for the price I thought it was pretty nice. The wife liked how simple it was for operation, 2 buttons and 3 lights, seems pretty straight forward.

HP 3600 – This was the last printer I seen, and of all the HP printers they had this was the only one that worked. To see 6 out of 7 printers broken gives me very little confidence. Now the test page shows something a bit different. It's not nearly as glossy as the Oki's but the image quality is a bit better as far as banding or crosshatching you can still see it but it's just a bit less noticeable. Now to me the image just seemed a bit more fuzzy. The downside was the dark areas of image, they appeared washed out and almost like water drops were affecting the toner in some way, also the image seemed to have some weird fuzziness around it. Perhaps this one was about to be broken as well. The text was sharp and black, I really liked that, however I couldn't bring myself to accept the light gray streaks across the entire page almost like a copier, I tested a few different times to double check for streaks and they were apparent on all print outs. The other thing I didn't like about this printer was the tray, it really seemed to drag when I pulled it out. I'm not totally sold on HP.

So now that I finally got a chance to see some in action I'd have to say the 5500n is my choice still. That leads me to some questions about toners, are they refillable without cartridge replacement? I see the 5500N ships with "starter toners" also the 5500n doesn't have many reviews or online places to buy toner, is this an indication I should keep looking? Are LED printers less dependable in the long haul? I like the idea of less moving parts (if that's' true).
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I too have been looking very closely at the OKIData 5500n. I found toner around $86.00 oklahoma price for black. My son works at Staples and he said he sees more people buying ink for HP printers. I wonder if that's because most people by HP printers. However he said the customers that have OKIData seem to love them.

I don't know. I want to hear from people who already own one.
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