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Default 32bit apps under win xp pro x64

hi to all,

please, i ask to know if i can run 32bit applications under windows xp pro sp2 x64.

i have found at a local computer store a retailed sealed boxed win xp pro sp2 x64 version for only 88 euros but i really dont know if my applications will be run.

the programs i run are the follows :

sony vegas 10 x32 bit
sony dvd architect 5 x32 bit
adobe audition 2
adobe acrobat pro 8
ashampoo burning studio 10
maxthon 3.0 internet browser

i have motherboard drives for windows x64 (sound, vga, ethernet etc)

please, let me have your advice.

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Q: Can I run 32-bit programs on a 64-bit computer?

A: Most programs designed for the 32-bit version of Windows will work on the 64-bit version of Windows. Notable exceptions are many antivirus programs.

Device drivers designed for 32-bit versions of Windows won't work on computers running a 64-bit version of Windows. If you're trying to install a printer or other device that only has 32-bit drivers available, it won't work correctly on a 64-bit version of Windows. If you are unsure whether there is a 64-bit driver available for your device, go online to the Windows Vista Compatibility Center.

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My experience and hence my advice is to let sleeping dogs lie. If your current system is functioning okay then, unless you need the increased memory addressing (ie, > 4GB) your asking for a lot of work to get your current functional capability restored under 64 bit. True, some stuff will just out right install and run, but some applications wont run right. In addition, the new 64 bit OS may exhibit new anomalies (not experienced with the 32 bit version).

However, if you image your current system or save the hard drive that it is on, and money is no object, then it might be fun to try the upgrade. If it doesnt work out then just restore the 32 bit system and consider it an educational experience.
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Default my reply - i thank you

good morning to all,

i really thank you very much for your kind replies.

i have visited microsoft support page for some ore infos but it is some risk to upgrade to x64 bit win xp.

ok, my pc is almost three years old now and i really do not have any serious problems with win xp i am running.

my programs are old particularly the adobe acrobat v.6 pro but are still running smooth since now.

the sales person told that under xp x64 bit acrobat will not run at all and sony dvd architect 5 so i have to upgrade to adobe acrobat x 10 so it is better to wait until i buy a new pc in the next couple of months i guess.

thanks again for your help full advice.

good day to all.
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