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Default Any suggestion to recover deleted digital pictures from USB on PC

I stored about a hundred digital pictures on USB. I accidentally erased all pictures.
Are my hundred pictures gone forever? Is there any way to recover them on PC connected USB?
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
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USB what?

You're not being very specific. USB is a connection type, not a storage type.

What type of device are you referring to?

Is it a USB attached hard disk drive, USB attached Flash Drive, USB attached camera, Memory Card in a USB Attached Card Reader, or something else?

What operating system were you using (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Mac OS X, Linux, etc.)? IOW, they may be in the trash (recycle bin) if you deleted them using a popular operating system.

What else is on the device other than the photos you accidentally deleted?

IOW, if it's a hard disk drive with lots of other things on it, one recovery method may be more appropriate compared to another (as you wouldn't want to try and recover *everything* on a larger hard drive with other folders and files on it, as it could be too much trouble to sort through recovered files.

But, if it's a smaller memory card or USB attached flash drive, then it may be easier just to recover all files on it instead.

For example, I'd probably use something like photorec to recover all files from a USB attached memory card in a card reader; or a USB attached Flash Drive. See this post for more information on using it (and it's free):


But, if you're referring to deleting photos on a larger device with tons of other files on it, too (for example, a USB Attached Hard Disk Drive), then other recovery methods may be more appropriate. Recuva would be worth trying in that case. Get it here:


Basically, you're not giving us any detail to go on (as again, USB is a connection type, not a device type, and we need more information on what you were deleting the files from in order to give you more informed responses).
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Default Re:Any suggestion to recover deleted digital pictures from USB on PC

Jimc has suggested you very nice data recovery tools. Previously when I deleted some important files I used Remo Recover program to get them back and it worked as per my satisfaction. Have a look over it; it may help you to get back your deleted pictures.
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