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Default Data loss scare!

The good news: I have an external, 1 TB seagate hard disc with automatic backups set to go off every night.

The bad news: I hadn't check the integrity of the backups for over a year: not a good idea. My desktop computer started having weird crashes a couple of days ago. Each time I was able to run a restore and bring the system back up, however it would only stay up about 45 minutes to an hour before it would fail again. I wasn't worried because I thought I had quality back ups. Finally, it crashed one last time yesterday and wouldn't turn back on at all. I'm sure that all of the issues either caused the power supply to burn out or the power supply was the source of the problem. When I attached my external drive to my wife's laptop, I was saddened to learn that my backups had not been successful. Of course all I would have had to do was to check the status occasionally and I could have caught this and repaired the problem. My fear at this point was that maybe there was a hard disk problem and all of my data (pictures, docs, etc.) was corrupted. I knew I could take the computer into Best Buy and they would attempt to recover the data for $100. Instead, I chose to purchase a Black Widow, Dual Hard Drive docking station for $50. GREAT DECISION! I simply plugged the docking station into a USB port on my wife's cheap laptop, pulled the hard drive from my desktop, the hard drive plugged right into the docking station like a memory card into a card reader, and abra cadabra, all of the data was there safe and secure. I then plugged my seagate external drive into the laptop and copied everything over. I now have two copies of all my data and can take my time selecting a replacement computer, not to mention a second external drive to store my stuff.

The moral of the story:

1. Back up your data
2. VALIDATE your back ups
3. You don't have to pay someone $100 bucks to recover your data, even if you're not a technophile.
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Tis true.

Many people purchase backup software and never verify that they can or are able to restore from backup. It's actually a big deal. Ive found that backup methodology tends to be very hardware/configuration/platform specific. That is, you have to match or find the backup software that works well with the particular system which you are using and that includes verifying that the system can, in fact, be restored from the backup.

If things are done incorrectly or should go badly, data recovery could be cost prohibitive (eg, even a couple grand).

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