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Default Desktop problem

Im pretty stupid when it comes to things about computers.
i know a little bit but this is just beyond me i dont know if its a hardware problem software problem or what.

But i reformatted and reinstalled Windows xp Home SP2 due to virus problem, sumhow got a virus and it $#@^#@ over my computer and i wasnt able to access internet, download nearly anything, or even system restore... so i reinstalled the windows and thought that i will just start all over again,

but wen i tried to set up internet nothing would work...still... i went to device manager and said that everything was working except: Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, RAID Controller, RAID Controller.

They all show yellow bubble with exclamation mark in them and i try update, reinstall and watever but i cant cause no internet... i have no othr CDs other than the windows xp home SP2 disk.

i know my computer works with my internet cause it was working... before the virus.
i dont know much about the desktop because my dad is the person who gave it to me and always messed with it.
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Here are a couple of things for you to consider. The controllers that are having issues are motherboard related and the drivers would not necessarily be included with your operating system. The first order of business would be to find and update the Ethernet driver so you have web access. Is this a shop built machine or a big box store unit? For a custom there should be a cd with the motherboard software and if manufacturer machine then the motherboard drivers should be available on their site and will be search able by model and series.

If you have restore disks that came with a Big Brand machine then your drivers should be installed during the restore process but checking your Ethernet driver should be the first order of business. Once you have net access update Windows. You are short a full service pack plus some in updates so expect it to take a while.

Hope this helps.


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There's not enough info. For example, are the Ethernet, sound integrated and even RAID integrated with the motherboard (MB)? If so there should be a disk that came with the computer that has the MB chipset drivers and drivers for the other devices. If not, you'll need to go to a friend's computer or public library & download all drivers from the MB manufacturer. This gets tricky though as there is usually and order in which the drivers need to be installed. Usually it is chipset, video, audio then Ethernet (not sure about the RAID).
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