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Default Hard drive replacement

Folks, I've always gotten helpful advice here, so I'm coming back for more. I have a 2 year old Dell Optiplex desktop running Win 7. This machine came with a 250 gig hard drive and a year ago I upgraded to a 1 Terabyte drive. Two days ago, I turned it on and got the black screen of death.

The machine is under warranty and I was hoping it was the mother board, but alas it was my HD. The Dell tech reinstalled the original drive but I'm pondering replacing the drive with a SSD drive.

I'm not even sure what questions to ask but I'll start with compatibility issues. Most of the drives I'm considering (Samsung) state they are SATA III. I'm going to use a tech company that my ex employer used. They are talented guys, but I want some back up advice. Thanx in advance.
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SATA III is backward compatible with SATA II (and, I think, with I, but can't swear to that), so you can install the newer drives in an older machine without problems.
I am using a Samsung EVO drive in my desktop which has SATA II interface.
For long term reliability, you can set up the drive to reduced capacity, called over provisioning, so it should last as long as you need it (or as long as you're likely to use a current generation computer).
The drive is capable of being faster than the interface, but not so much that I would gain greatly to upgrade my motherboard. Machine boots in about 30 seconds, and the performance increase over HDD when editing large photos or videos is really nice.(like, WOW, nice)

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