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Default Linux Mint versions

There's a new version of Mint out - Mint 18.3.

I'm disappointed that (so far) it comes only with a choice of CINNAMON or MATE desktop.

However, since I have to choose between CINNAMON and MATE, I've chosen CINNAMON.

That's because CINNAMON (it seems to me) somewhat resembles XFCE, (which I very much like) whereas MATE is more like KDE (which I don't like at all).

Anybody agree?
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I haven't looked at Mint 18 yet - just heard about it recently. I do have v17 on a couple laptops, one for my wife, who likes the Cinnamon desktop because it is such an easy transition from Windows, and the same installation on one for myself - the hdd controller kept destroying any drives I put in it, so I installed to a USB3 128GB thumbdrive. Works a treat, and I don't worry about losing the laptop, since everything on it is in my pocket. I find myself using it less, though since I recently got a smartphone.
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I've been fighting with Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon to get it to use the XFCE desktop. I succeeded only once. I did it by activating Synaptic Package manager, and installing whatever "Xfce" items looked suitable. Checking which actual version was running produced the answer that Cinnamon was installed, though running the Xfce desktop.

Several attempts to get the same result with an identical computer haven't just failed - they've resulted in a boot-up the would display only a blank screen and a mouse arrow.

So - with many misgivings - I installed Mint 18.3 Mate, and then tried to get it to run the Xfce desktop. I again resorted to activating Synaptic Package Manager and installing whatever "Xfce" items looked suitable.

It not only worked, but now when I check which version of Mint the computer is running, I get the answer that the installed version is Linux Mint 18.3 xfce 64-bit.

Moreover it's working (so far) very nicely indeed.

P.S A few minutes ago I noticed that Mint 18.3 did not have a volume control displayed on the desktop. So I searched good old Synaptic Package manager Manager for anything that looked suitable and found something called Volti. After it was installed, a volume control ikon showed up on the desktop panel - and it works fine.

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