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Default Mint 16 XFCE

I keep looking for new (and hopefully even better) versions of Linux to try out but have usually been much disappointed.

By mid February I'd narrowed my favorites down to Peppermint 4, the most recent Lubuntu and Zorin 8. I found them quite similar - and every one of them was a pleasure to use.

Then I tried the newest versions of Mint 16. As usual, I didn't like most of them, but when I came to the XFCE version I liked it right away. For ease of use XFCE seems to be even a shade better than LXDE. I'm now using Mint 16 XFCE on my main computer (an M57 Lenovo Think Centre that has a solid state hard drive).

Has anybody else tried it?
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I prefer the KDE version of Mint 16. I just installed it for my niece and her husband recently on an old PC running XP.

I actually tried Cinnamon on it first. But, found the KDE version felt "snappier", even with compositing enabled. Now I do tend to customize the KDE Desktop (I use different fonts, Elegance Theme, etc.) to taste.

If you're an XFCE fan, another distro to keep an eye on is MX-14. It's a Mepis community developed distro, and it's brand new (XFCE desktop using an AntiX base). I'd suggest waiting until the first Release Candidate before trying it (as the second beta is still a bit buggy). More about it here:


The first Release Candidate should be finished pretty soon:

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See features list here. The new MX-14 is using a Debian 7.3 base (not an Ubuntu base) with the ability to get extra packages from both community repos, Debian Stable (with backports repos, too) and/or Debian Testing for even newer software.


Basically, some of the Mepis community members that were already involved in making newer packages available for other Mepis releases, combined forces to produce a new XFCE desktop based version of AntiX, with anticapitalista (the creator of AntiX) taking the lead on development. See more about AntiX here:


See the people involved in MX-14 here:


If you're not familiar with AntiX, it's a *very* light weight distro designed for older PCs (running in as little as 128MB, using desktops like IceWM, JWM and fluxbox

But, a community effort was started by Jerry3904 for something with more features and a better desktop, and MX-14 using XFCE was born (second beta released about a month ago, and it's making very good progress). MX-14 uses a very new Linux 32 bit 3.12 PAE Kernel, Debian 7.3 base, and XFCE 4.10.2 desktop. So, it should work on both older and newer hardware, with it's PAE kernel letting it address more than 4GB of memory, even though it's 32 bit.

Again, I'd wait until the first Release Candidate of the new MX-14 distro before installing it (which will probably happen by this weekend), as it's looking very promising for a fast and light linux distro (not as light as the original AntiX, since it's using a "heavier" desktop in the form of XFCE, but still much lighter than other choices similar to it). Or, if you're not adventurous, just wait until the Final Release.

IOW, it's still going to be much lighter on resources and much faster compared to most other desktops (Mate, KDE, Cinnamon, etc.), especially if they're using a "heavier" base with more services running like the current Ubuntu base like Mint uses; and MX-14 also includes built in remaster scripts (making it easy to develop a customized distro with the apps you want installed in it if desired); with good support from community members packaging newer versions of software for it.

Also, because it uses Debian repositories, you've got tens of thousands of available software packages you can install (not even counting the extra packages with newer software versions available from the Community developers helping out with the new MX-14 Project).

Basically, for an older PC, it should make a great choice, with more usability (thanks to the XFCE desktop) compared to many lighter choices using IceWM, etc..
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