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Default Old PC blowed up, blowed up real good!

Sort of a dual reply to Jims upgrade time thread and my own recent unintentional upgrade

Just went that route unintentionally.
Came back from holidays to find the main basement server (and only windows machine we own) self destructed so did my home theater amp.
Suspect a lightning hit even though the APC UPS and Monster surge suppressor were OK and indicated no issues.

Things we found,
Old server had several IDE drives, quite expensive and small compared to today's sata drives.
Replacement for old atx Power supply could only found in junk bins. (ykes )
Repair would be expensive and not recommended.

Ended up building a new machine, new modern case and power supply (not compatible with old motherboard that had a dual core amd 64x2 (939 socket).

Long story short now a I7 2600 3.4 Ghz 8 thread processor with 8Gb ram.
1 sata3 1Tb drive
2 sata2 1Tb drives (harvested from old pc, only surviving components)

Thing that flipped me out most was the new machine loaded win7 64 pro in about 20 minutes, start to finish.
Then took me several days to reload all the programs I had, everything worked fine except the bowflex i-trainer which needed some compatibility tweaks to get it going.

Adobe products I had were Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3 and premier elements 9 all already 64 bit compatible.

Only external hardware we had to replace was the old office workhorse printer an ancient hp1120C that just kept going. The new motherboards do not have parallel ports
But they do have USb3.0! Transfer to external HD now flies.

And a big thanks to Acronis true image backup, that took regular snapshots of all my data!
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That's not good (more than one system breaking with with an UPS in the middle).

Yea... Win 7 isn't as bad to install. But, downloading all of the updates can take a while.
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Update downloads not so bad actually, paying for a 24mbps cable connection and regularly clocking in at 38-50mbps. Rogers (the provider) seems to have done something right in my area!
Reloading the Garmin Nuvi maps into mapquest were the worst on time, but that was due to Garmins slow d/l site.

Final verdict was
1 120G ide drive that would not spin up at all (had my windows/photoshop swap/cache and some low use intermediate storage files on it)
1 120G ide drive that had the OS would respond but recovery reported many bad tracks, including the track0 making the drive non bookable
1 cooked power supply

Home theater amp (old 100watt/channel 5.1 kenwood with no hdmi capability.)
Output power amp stage checks out OK
Preamp and input switching sections dead as a doornail.

Replaced with a 85watt/channel 7.1 Pioneer with 4 in 1 out hdmi switching!)

Old HP 1120C parallel port printer replaced with a small WiFi Canon mx420 multifunction (print/scan/copy/fax) I found for 60$.

All in all quite an expensive week, the rear calipers on my jeep seized as well (at only 80k).
Photography a fading pastime

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Both my UPS units, from different manufacturers, have a large dollar amount guarantee on connected equipment. Havent looked into the hoops I would have to jump through to recover the damages, but if yours has something similar, it might be worth the paperwork hassle, given what got destroyed.

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