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Herb Jun 22, 2013 5:26 PM

Peppermint 4
It feels like only a few weeks since I first tried Peppermint 3 and was completely converted to it.

Now , barely a couple of weeks ago, Peppermint 4 has appeared. I've found it very similar to version 3, but one of the more noticeable improvements shows up when installing Wine - the process of installing Wine is more user-friendly.

Give Peppermint 4 a try - I think you'll like it.


Update -

August 2nd - I'm still enjoying Peppermint 4, especially now that I've installed a Solid State hard drive with a dual boot setup - Peppermint 4 and Windows 2000.

The only reason I have Windows 2000 is to run Photoshop Elements 2.

I've tried running PS Elements under Peppermint via WINE. That works, but I've concluded (reluctantly) that it's easier to manage when I run it under Windows.

Further update -

I've also discovered that with this dual boot setup, Peppermint can read Windows files & copy them to the Peppermint o/s - and moreover can copy files from the Peppermint o/s to the Windows o/s.

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