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Default running windows on ibm system x3850

good evening to all,

please, i need to know if the ibm system x3850 can run windows xp 32/64 bit.

yes, i have visited all ready the official ibm web page and i have noticed that winows xp is not supported for this server, please i ask to know if anybody of you know how to install windows xp on this model.

a friend of mine found from ebay canada such as server for only 550 canadian dollars and i am thing to buy it for my video rendering needs.

video rendering h.264 with sony vegas.

your help is valuable.

many thanks in advance.
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Why would you want to use a server for video rendering? IBM 3850 can have 5 processors on the motherboard, is that why you think it will speed up the video processing? The way I see it, you will be better off with an i7 computer with dual video cards and lots of mremory (16-32gb) on board. Of course, it will cost more than $550. Server computer does'nt have good video card built-in. It is good for number crounching rather than video stuffs.
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Here are some more units available. Seems like these are being offered from the same vendo, so I would give them a call (or email) about your question. Also, you will get a better answer from the guys on anandtech forums ( http://forums.anandtech.com/ ).

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Default my reply - i thank you

good afternoon to all,

i really thank you very much for your kind replies.

i found this imb server through ebay canada and the price is good.

the reason i want a "server" is because according to a person i met last summer for video rendering the most importand think is the separate cpu's and not the cores.

this person was working at the avionne studios at geneva at the video edit and post production area and told me that in their premises they have four fujitsu rack servers with four opteron 2.8 cpus per server only for video rendering.

according to this person and particularly with sony vegas pro 8.0c and 10 it is a better choice to use separeted cpus because of a more ghz (4 cpu's x 2.8 =11.2 ghz x 4 servers = 44.8 ghz ! power for video rendering, the vga does not have a major role in video rendering according to the same person.

since now i couldnt be able to locate any relevant infos according to his statements but i am still searching.

i want to start with video edit and rendering so a server like the ibm may be a good choice.

i really dont know if a server can run apps or if sony vegas can run on the server and it would be really nice if anybody of you could be able to help on this.

i thanking you very much in advance.

have a happy weekend.
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This is an enterprise server that runs 64 bit windows server 2008 and linux. Its not designed to to run xp
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A server is just a computer. It can run apps. IIRC, winXP is limited to two CPUs. (maybe 64bit can do more)
Video card does not affect the rendering, but it does need to be able to keep up so you can view what is happening.
I think, for your purposes, since you are just starting out, a good quad core or i7 box with win7 64bit and a lot of memory, would be your best bet.

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Default my reply

good afternoon to all,

many thanks for your kind replies.

it seems that windows xp 64 bit is a much better choice with a four core cpu for video rendering.

i assume that a budget pc with a four core cpu and a mid range vga card with 8 gb of ddr3 ram and an 1.5 terrabytes sata3 hd will cost about 450-540 euros fully assembly.

i will try to search for some pc's through ebay and we keep in touch shortly i think.

a friend of mine who do a lot of wedding videos insist to buy a sever, he bought last week a supermicro with 2 opterons with 8 gb of ram ddr2 and an 1 terrabyte hd through ebay for 258 euros and he very happy, i dont know how he is working with win xp and win server 2008 but he is working fine.

i will take your advice my friends and i will try to find why not an i5 four cores cpu.

thanks again.

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