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Originally Posted by Ordo View Post
Hey, i installed Window 7 pro 64 bits and its a total charm! No complaints so far.
Yes it's fast, but with no email cilient that's a big minus
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Truth. I got used to web mails. And once a month i check emails with Live Mail. Not the best of the worlds but it works.
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I tried Foxmail 5 on my spare computer & found it does everything I want - and very quickly too. Not only that, but it was free. It gives a choice between operating in plain text (the default) or , by clicking on the HTML command, in HTML which I think most people prefer.

However, I've since found that on my main computer, Foxmail is nothing like so successful. Whenever I hit the "reply" button to type an answer the computer promptly freezes. I can't get the address book to work either.

I also tried Foxmail 6.5, but it seems to install only if you already have Foxmail 5 - and even then you have put up with guessing at the installation steps because they're in Chinese.

As for my main computer I've now installed Eudora 6.2 - and it's working with no problems at all.

But I've no idea whether Foxmail works with Windows 7. I'm still obstinately staying with Windows 2000 on both computers - I think of it as XP without the bells and whistles.

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