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That's a very interesting list of distros. I'm going to try some of them after I've played for a while with the soon-to-arrive (I hope) Breadbox Ensemble .

The HP514n has 1015mb of Ram, (I think that that's around the maximum it's supposed to accommodate).

Of course that will all be just for fun & curiosity. My main computer is an HPa1130n that says it has 3.25gb of RAM (though I think there are four 1gb sticks in the slots). At present it's running Windows XP Home Edition and has an HP ZR24w monitor.
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The 2.2Ghz Celeron CPU in your HP 514n is a "Northwood" model based on the P4, and it supports MMX, SSE and SSE2. So, it should work fine with most modern Linux distributions since you have 1 GB of memory in that PC.

IOW, with that much memory installed, there's probably no need to use the "lighter" distros I mentioned (I brought them up in case it only had 256MB in it). The more mainstream distros should work fine with that CPU with the amount of memory you have installed.

The biggest problem you're likely to see is due to the limitations of your integrated graphics, and unfortunately, your HP 514n doesn't have an AGP slot (often found in older PCs like that one to add a video card). With some newer distros using KDE 4.x, the initial frame buffer being allocated (usually 1MB by default) may not be large enough to get past the boot splash screens so that all of the drivers are loaded and fully functional so that main system memory can be shared with video. So, using a distro with a lot of "eye candy" can be a problem with that video chipset.

If it has any video settings in BIOS, changing them might help. For example, some PCs with the 845GL chipset have the video memory being allocated initially set to 1MB in BIOS setup, and changing it to 8MB can get around some of the issues until a given distro is fully loaded with the correct Intel drivers installed.

But, I'd probably try some of the more mainstream distros on that PC anyway, and personally, I prefer KDE based distros (which use more resources, but have very nice desktops). For example, I'd probably try Kubuntu 11.10 for starters (mentioned in my previous post). You may also want to try the brand new OpenSUSE 12.1 on it. I don't have a PC up and running with a chipset that old right this second. But, I do have a few older boxes sitting around and most will run fairly modern linux distros with a CPU as powerful as that Celeron you have in the HP. Heck, I've got one older laptop using a 233Mhz PII Mobile with 384MB of memory and it even runs some of the KDE based linux distros (although it's slow with most). My wife just recently unplugged it while rearranging some furniture, as it was used on a smaller desktop in the Den with a small LCD monitor plugged into it for a long time, running one of the Mepis Linux distros with a KDE Desktop. LOL
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