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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
Note that I think you can get rid of Metro with some registry hacks. Here's one article on the subject:

That registry key is no longer there in the new Consumer Preview. I tried adding it both manually, and by using a program designed to switch the interface to Classic in Win 8, and it still doesn't work.

Perhaps a different registry key is being used now, or Microsoft just disabled the ability to go back to a more Classic Theme with a traditional Start Menu. I guess we'll find out as users experiment with it.
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Today I heard somebody on the radio claiming that in Windows 8 everything was now "much simpler".

A minute later I discovered a window that read (in part) -

"To get started, move this window onto the display that you want to calibrate & and then check next."

So I have to "move this window onto the display that I want to calibrate".......?

That may mean something to the geeks working for Microsoft, but surely there must be somebody who can write clearer English than that?
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Sounds like they expect everyone to have multiple monitors. From other things I have been reading, it souds as if MS and Apple are both targeting their new OS to the mobile market, and not accommodating the desktops quite as well. If so, MS would be better off leaving W7 in place and developing 8 concurrently as a mobile platform.

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