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fldspringer Jun 13, 2009 12:29 PM

Advertising within posts when logged off
Upon the forum changover, there is advertising placed within the first post that I found offensive. The advertisments are only seen when logged off the site. In my estimation it appears as some personal endorsement of the advertisement.

I originally voiced my opinion in what I considered my "home" as a farewell.

The admins at this site (who I greatly admire) asked me to post here at the time. I hadn't untill now.

They also asked me to keep an open mind and that there would likely to be changes, as the settings hadn't been finalized and what was seen was generally a default of the new software.

I've stopped posting until today. I've checked back daily (logged off) in hopes the ad would disappear from within posts. They have not. I tried a test today in hopes that a large photo would cover the ad. No such luck.

I'm not against advertising. I am part of a site that has the option of removal of advertising with a paid membership. I paid and I haven't removed the ads. I am against the ad within the opening post with my name as the poster, however.

The site owners have the right to do what they like. Unless there is a change, this will be the last post I start. I am considering posting responses, as there are no ads currently in anything other that the opening post (my complaint) and immediately following the post (which I'm fine with). Of course, they (the site owners: Internet Brands) could change it by placing more ads, or removing current ads. In the end, its their call.

I'm just voicing my sensitivity.


billy Jun 16, 2009 9:13 AM


It's unfortunate that you might not stay with us. In the past, Steve's Forums were never viable.

If you look at the current users online, you will see that at any given time, we have anywhere from 250 - 500 guests browsing our forums. The Ad placements are there to help generate income to keep the forums afloat, and are aimed at those "browsing" users who are just using the site for it's content.

As you know, logging in to your account eliminates the ads.

We sincerely hope you decide to stay and continue to add to the overall wealth of knowledgeable and friendly members here at Steve's.


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