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hgernhardtjr May 21, 2009 7:35 PM

AVCHD/1080p Video in Still Digital Cameras
I strongly feel that too many forum topics make it difficult for members, and there are a lot of different topics here at Steve's.

Nonetheless, what with the recent "quantum leap" of technology providing P&S, prosumer, and pro cameras HD 720p or "h.264" AVCHD 1080p High Def video capability especially cameras from Nikon and Canon perhaps there is a need for an "HD Video Editing" topic.

Unless you have a tricked-out iMac, most Windows PCs do not handle the files from such cameras without stuttering, losing video sync, etc. And there are tons of people asking, "How do I edit the dad-blam HD video?"

And that sure does not fit into the Hybrid Still/Movie/MP3 Digicams topic.

Anyway, just a suggestion.:D


JimC May 22, 2009 7:56 AM

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to the list of ones we've received so far that we'll want to consider adding (as we are considering some changes, making use of nested forums, and more).

Yes, more new cameras seem to be "Hybrids" now (able to capture stills and higher quality video), and I have seen a more threads on video editing issues recently.

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