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I do a lot of whitewater paddling. I've been using an A85 in a diving case for years because I like Canon cameras and havea couple issues with the Olympus and Pentax models. So I'm excited about the Canon D10. In particular, its shutter response and megapixels ought to blow the A85 away.I do have a couple questions.

First, how far is it from the D10 lens to outer coverand is there much room to drag water droplets out of the way of thelens? This is a major problem with my A85 and case, I get a lot of water droplets in the frame because there is no room to drag them and the distance is large from the lens to cover. This was not at allan issue with my old Nikon Action Touch (it had a big cover vs lens size), but they don't make them like that anymore.

Second, does the D10 have a sport mode or a way to force it to use a fast shutter speed? (shutter priority mode maybe?) This is important for fast sports.

Finally, any impressions on how it deals with low light without the flash? This is my primary problem with the Olympus, they seem to just increase the ISO and make the pictures grainy. (My problem with the Pentax is the green mode irritates me)

Thanks. Really appreciate this site, very useful reviews.
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Thanks for the compliments!

As for your questions, I'll try and answer them as best as I can.

1. The lens itself seems to be a few mm away from the exterior "lens cover".

2. As far as room to drag water droplets, I think you are asking if you can easily wipe the front of the lens off to ensure there are no water spots. If so, then yes there is room to get your finger and a piece of camera cloth (or a cotton t-shirt) in there to wipe it off.

3. Unfortunately, the D10 does not offer a Sports or Shutter Speed Priority exposure mode. It does offer decent burst speeds though (we saw 1.4fps, while Canon claims 1.1fps), which will help.

4. You are always going to have issues when shooting in dim lighting without the flash on a consumer model. Almost all of these models will boost the sensitivity (ISO) to achieve faster shutter speeds and less blur. The sacrifice is image quality due to noise. The D10 seems to do as good if not better than many other 12-megapixel compacts.

If you look at our D10 samples page, you can see how the camera performs when using the higher ISO settings. IMO, ISO 800 looks very usable for small to mid sized prints when there is decent light.

Here is a hand held snap shot I took real quick under very dim light (two incandescent bulbs) in Auto mode.

It doesn't look great, but still pretty usable for a 4x6.

Hope this helps!
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