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The latest film scanner review I can find is 2002. But a single new review for this category would not be very helpful. It would be "data in isolation", interesting but what do I compare it with. Unlike cameras which you have many reviews of which to compare. I think there are many of us wanting to convert our vast analog archives into digital that are looking for a lot of help. When I look at the literature of various products it is clear that claims, reality and pricing are very confusing. In general I know that higherpriceusually equals higherperformance and reliability. But here is a category where I and many others are somewhat clueless. Unlike a camera where we will learn to use it for a long time, scanners should be a one time shot, unless the results are so poor we must waste the time to repeat it.I have several advanced photog friends who want to do the conversion before things deteriorate further and would share the device, whatever it is to get the job done. Here is what I propose. How about a family review like I find in my woodworking mag, or a consumer report article. Pick 2-4 low end products, 2-4 midrange, and several high enders. Tell us what more money gets us in terms of quality, speed, ease of use.

I amthinking that the scanning technology is "topping out" or at least the advances are mainly in ease of use, speed, and price, so that now is a good time to undertake the conversion and empty out my drawers of Ecktachrome, Kodachrome, Agfa, and whatever. You guys could do your part in helping the nation save about 1 billion images from oblivion, simply by a good review process. Thank you for your consideration.


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