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Default How did you take photo???

I wish that when folks posted photographs they would tell us what camera, lens and settings they used to get the shot.
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That's up to the person taking the photo. But, with many images, you can tell the settings used by looking at it's EXIF information (metadata stored in the image header about camera settings used). If you use Firefox, try EXIF Viewer by Alan Raskin. With it installed, you'll see a menu choice to View EXiF information when you right click on an image. It's cross platform. So, it will work as a Firefox extension under Windows, OS X or Linux.


If you're using Windows, I'd also install PhotoME (and it will run under Wine in linux, too). Get it here (and personally, I just use the beta version, which is the first download link):


PhotoME will work as a stand alone applicaton. But, after you install PhotoME, you can also install a Firefox extension that lets you load it from within Firefox after you right click on an image. Get that extension for it here:


Another good one to have handy is ExifTool by Phil Harvey. It's not a browser plugin, but it's a really nice tool for seeing a lot of metadata in images.


You can also find a GUI front end for it:


Most image viewers and editors also let you see an image's EXIF info. Some will do better than others at interpreting the proprietary maker notes metadata.

BTW, sometimes you'll find that the EXIF info has been stripped from an image. For example, if you use "Save for Web" versus "Save As" with Adobe Photoshop, it strips out the EXIF info.

Also, if a forum member attaches an image to a post here and it's size exceeds the maximum sizes allowed for dimensions in pixels or file size, our forums software will strip out the EXIF information and and recompress the image (which usually degrades image quality).

You'll see the maximum allowed sizes when you use the Manage Attachments feature to add an image to a post (paperclip icon). They're listed right by the browse buttons you'll see when attaching an image to a post here.

If the image exceeds those sizes, the EXIF is stripped out by the forums software (so it's a good idea to resize them yourself to keep them within the allowed sizes ).
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Thank you Jim for that useful info

G'day FD

ps- if you use Flickr as your photo hosting service, and then 'bounce' that image onto this or another photo forum, Flickr [unfortunately] deletes the EXIF info from the photo

This is something that I [and many others] forget & therefore the EXIF info needs to be added for you to read

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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