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Default The Issue of Video

Excuse me if this has been addressed before (I did look for it on the site) but how does Steve's Digicams intend to address, going forward, the video capabilities of today's digicams in what have otherwise been excellent reviews? Will you continue to simply touch on it in passing or will you add some standardized video tests to go along with those you do for still photos? I may be touching a sensitive spot. I understand the products that Steve's Digicams reviews are intended, first and foremost, for capturing still photos, but how well they do video does influence buying decisions.
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You have an excellent question here. While we do touch on video quality in our conclusion, along with providing some sample video on our samples page, we do lack a standardized video testing method.

We have looked into some software and/or charts (Imatest comes to mind) in the past, however like you mentioned our primary focus is testing the still image capabilities of the cameras.

I'm going to brainstorm with our team and see what they come up with.

Thanks for the excellent feedback, and for visiting Steve's.
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Default HD Video Discussion Forum

Perhaps I may have missed a forum within Steve's, but I was wondering if there was a suitable spot to discuss and problem solve issues pertaining to HD Video (for both DSLR with HD and dedicated HD Video Cameras). I am specifically looking for assistance in HD video editing, tips, software etc.


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Hey Jehan.

I see that it really wasn't very obvious where Video Editing can be discussed. Thanks for pointing that out.

I'd probably suggest using the Editors Forum in the Software Section (at least for now), as I see some of our members are already doing now for topics related to video editing. The more forum choices available, the more confusing it can be as to where to post about a given topic. So, for now, I'll make some changes and see how they work.

For starters, I just added a description of "Video and Image Editing" under the label you'll see for the Editors Forum if you scroll down to the Software Section when viewing the main page at http://forums.steves-digicams.com (to clarify that it can be used for discussion about video editing, too).

I also changed the title from "Editors (Photoshop, etc.)" to Editors (Photoshop, Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Kdenlive, etc.)

If I tried to represent every popular editor, I'd run out space in the title. ;-)

But, those changes to the title and description should make it more obvious where members can discuss Video Editing for now.

What we may want to think about doing is a adding a separate forum (or forums) that are not necessarily in the Software Section for discussions about Video. We're going through an interesting evolution in photography, since video use is accelerating with newer generations of cameras.
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Thanks Jim... it works!! Glad to have discovered a forum for the multitude of video- editing questions that I have!

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