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Default Missing Reviews - Suggestions

Hey, am missing, except a contact steve, a main shread for mentioning camera's which are missing a review.

Steve, I liked your review of the Sony TX1, and i'm glad you liked it.
but it's time to test the TX5 and TX7!

1) they look the same, but TX5&7 are 25-100mm equiv. WIDE ANGLE instead of TX1 35-140mm equiv.! and i love it! get the whole room in the video/picture!

2) both added the HDR function.
and get this: used in the DARK it gives even better results then anti-motion blur or twilight setting (these settings making 6 pictures and taking out the sharpest or grain respectively)
HDR is 2 pictures combining over and under exposure.
Why better? because in the dark, any lights visible get overexposed and with HDR it will get right exposure, while the second photo will get the dark areas rightly exposed AND it reduces blur&noise in one go!)

3) panorama shot seems improved to detect people moving and taking them out or placing them at a position they did not blur.

the difference:

the TX5 is 3m waterproof and movies are 30fps 720p (all around the world, like the TX1), and the batterycompartment lid is more sturdy then the TX7.
the TX7 makes stereo sound movies, and can choose mp4 1280x720 or 1440x1080 HD or interlaced double framerate AVCHD 1280x720 1440x1080 1920x1080.
BUT! if you buy one in PAL region countries it will be PAL version and also the mp4 will ONLY be 25fps progressive (and 50iAVCHD), while the TX5 does 30fps. if bought in NTSC region both TX5andTX7 are 30fps for mp4 and 60i for AVCHD.
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Thanks for the input pakmenu, and welcome to Steve's!

We too are looking forward to getting in the TX5 and TX7 for review. As soon as Sony sends us some evaluation units for testing, we'll be sure to get our hands-on reviews posted.

Stay tuned.
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