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deadshot May 15, 2010 3:42 AM

Moving a post/double posting
I have recently posted some pics to show how my D5000 + 18-200mm VR combo performs.
I would have liked to posted it on both Nikon Dslr and Nikon Lenses.
Am I allowed to double post? Also is it possible for me to move a post once posted.

Mark1616 May 15, 2010 4:07 AM

Double posting, unless there is a very good reason is generally bad 'netiquette' so best to put it in the most relevant section. Also people who look at one generally will keep an eye on the other as it is their area of interest. If you post in the wrong place then you can contact myself, Hards80, JimC or Billy and we will move it. Best to send a message to 2 or more of us in case one is not around.

Did you have a post that you would like moving?

deadshot May 15, 2010 4:54 AM

Quote:- Did you have a post that you would like moving?

Only that after posting, I thought that anyone interested solely in the 18-200mm might find the post interesting as well but as you say people probably will look at both sites anyway.
Thanks for the reply.

Mark1616 May 15, 2010 5:03 AM

No worries, I will leave things as they are. A lot of people will use the search as well for the 18-200 so it will come up on that :)

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