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Default Problem with cropping in submitting photos

How do i submit a photo that I don't want to crop?
The cropping feature does not permit submitting the photo with the full frame.
When I try to crop, I end up eliminating too much of the photo!
Please help!
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Rather than cropping use a tool to resize the photo. Infranview is a good free prog for doing this.

Make the photo about 850 pixels for the width if you are in landscape and that should be plenty big enough. When saved ensure the file size is less than 253kb and you will be fine, if bigger there will be a loss in quality with the forums software doing a reduction to the photo.
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Hey helmutnc. Welcome to the forums.

Mark1616's answer assumes that you are asking about attaching images to forum posts. But, I suspect you may be referring to submitting a photo to Steve's Photo of the Day Contest instead.

The crop box you see when you submit a photo is only designed to let you decide how it will show up in the upper right hand corner the main page at http://www.steves-digicams.com if it's selected for Photo of the Day (since the space allocated for it on the main page doesn't allow for much flexibility as far as aspect ratios (the ratio of width to height).

If it's selected and someone clicks on the cropped version on the main page (using the crop you select when you submit the image), it takes you to Steve's POTD page showing an uncropped version with the original aspect ratio.

In other words, if you prefer a different aspect ratio, don't worry about it. The site will resize it to fit the POTD page using the original aspect ratio. So, just use a crop that shows most of the interesting parts of the image, and that's what you'll see on the main page if it's selected, without impacting how it will appear on the POTD page if someone clicks on that image (since they'll see the uncropped version on the POTD page after they click on it).
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