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Hello: I have on many occasions posted pictures on this site befor. This time though I cant seem to get the picture to appear with the post. It comes up as a link to click on. What am I doing wrong?? My post in question is my daughters new friend posted in the funny section. Thanks for any help you may have to offer.
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Hey vex,

I'm looking into this for you. In the mean time, please see my response in your Funny photos post.

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The dimensions of the photo are too large (width x height in pixels).

The attachment in the first post was 1936×1296 pixels. That's way too large to display properly in the forums. So, you see a link instead of the image.


We prefer it if image sizes are kept to around 640x480 pixels (but 800x600 is still OK). Keep in mind that the majority of internet users have 1024x768 monitors. So, in order to view an image as large as you're posting (1936x1296 pixels), they'd need to scroll left and right, and up and down to see all of it.

Also, when an image that large is displayed in a forum thread, the width of the replies increases before any word wrap. So, users with monitor resolution widths that are lower than the image width in pixels will need to scroll left and right to see all of the text in the replies (and it impacts all replies on the same page the image is being displayed in).

See this "sticky" thread for info on How to post your photos

Basically, you'll need to use an image editor to downsize your image to around 800x600 pixels or smaller if you want it to display properly in forum posts so that most members can see it without scrolling left and right.

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