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JohnG May 14, 2009 12:57 PM

something Steves should strongly consider
In looking through another popular website I visit, I noticed today that they published a comparison of cameras in a particluar group: "Compact Superzooms". They rated each in the following general categories:
Image Quality - outdoors daylight
Image Quality - low light high ISO
Image quality / performance - flash

They had studio tests as well as real-world tests.

I think this is EXACTLY the type of thing many would-be digicam owners want to see. Instead of just having 5 or 6 cameras on Steve's recommended list in a category - put those cameras head-to-head on say an annual basis.

I recognize there are challenges with doing this - getting access to the cameras at the same time, potential ruffled feathers of a manufacturer, etc. But when a consumer can see these head-to-head matchups it's really helpful.

Just a thought worth considering.

Bluerapids May 14, 2009 1:59 PM

Superzooms: Canon vs Panasonic vs Samsung
I don't think that Steve's should be in the position of picking a winner or putting like cameras on a scale so one would be ranked higher than another. There are too many variables like price, features, etc.. I do want to see a comparison between cameras features so I can choose the what I want. For example, I have been following, on Steve's and other sites, reviews of three of the top point and shoot superzooms. So far I have seen excellent reviews of the Canon Powershot SX200 IS and the Panasonic Lumix ZS3 but have not found a review of the new Samsung HZ15W. All three cameras have about the same features and are starting to show up for sale in the U. S. but until I see a few reviews on the Samsung, I will not make my purchase.

If anyone knows of a site doing a review of the Samsung HZ15W, please post it here.

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