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Default Two things:Live discussions and HDR

Two things I think every site really needs these days.HDR I'll tackle first.Its not new,but its becoming more and more important everyday.Its something that will become incorporated into every camera eventually some way.It really needs to,it shows so much more,and its much more like our own two eyes.Steve and others I would like to have our own HDR category here in the forums.No not for gaudy awful looking images,I know thats a turnoff for many .But then again,its about expression,and how you see things.But it really should be here,its too important,but mostly its lots of fun,and spurns new interest.
Second,and I really can't believe its not anywhere really is live discussions.This is the age where everyone can connect,yet what is the best way to really connect,and thats talking to one another.there are so many people online where I can get emailing back and forth to try and talk over something.So why can't we? I don't want a chat room exactly,those can get out of hand.This would be for Steve's site only and you would have to sign in..Maybe there's a better way,chime in and lets see.
let me ask all of you that read this.Wouldn't you like to actully "talk" to someone here rather than email back and forth.I would even go so far as to say I would like to talk to you.What better way to learn,to talk about something to someone just like there next door.We can all learn and have some fun at the same time.
Just a quick story,about a Pentax ZX-30 camera I had lying around for ages.Its a film camera,but I'd say not even 3 rolls of film went through it.It was almost like new.I put it on Craig's list,and someone called me on it for his daughter who needed it for some classes she was taking.
He drove 1.5 hours to get here to look at it,along with a lens that was on it for his own camera.
He got here and we began talking.He was a complete stranger,but yet we shared an interest.I told him about HDR which he had never heard of,and he was intrigued.We talked about the usual things of what he shot and what I shot,about different cameras we had.
Finally after maybe an hour and a half he had to go.I did get his email and he got mine,but we weren't strangers anymore.I really thought that was pretty great and I enjoyed talking to him very much.
That is what I think live discussion could do.
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Thanks for the suggestions.
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