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TCav May 10, 2009 1:45 PM

Users' 'Pictures & Albums'
I was going to create an album of some photos I took yesterday, and ask others to comment on them. I figured that the Albums may permit larger images than the posts. It turns out that pictures in albums must be even smaller than the pictures in posts.

I don't know if this is intentional or if these settings were simply overlooked when Internet Brands migrated a photography discussion website over to their own software, but I'd like some clarification on what Steve's has in mind for the 'Pictures & Albums' feature.

JimC May 10, 2009 5:11 PM


The IB team worked hard try and maintain our existing attachments functionality that lets you embed an image in a post here without the need to store it on a different host (as you'll need to do with many other forums).

The member albums feature has separate parameters for sizes compared to attachments in posts. But, keep in mind that larger sizes (dimensions and file size) create multiple issues.

For one thing, a large percentage of internet users have monitors with resolutions of 1024x768 or smaller; and you also have to consider laptop and netbook users. So, larger images can force viewers to scroll in order to see an entire photo, making it more difficult for them to enjoy the image being displayed.

That's one reason Steve wanted members to keep posted image sizes down to 640x480 here if you read the old How to post your photos thread (which we'll need to modify for the new software).

We've let members go a bit larger in the past, but we still tried to keep viewing problems in mind if larger images became the norm versus the exception for member posts (and I'll sometimes send a friendly note to members when they starting make a lot of posts with images that are too large to easily view on more monitor sizes, or just point them to the old post about it from Steve).

So, that those existing attachments would still work with the new vBulletin software, a higher hard limit was left for the forums (at least for now). But, for a brand new feature like albums, I think we'd want to carefully consider the pros and cons before changing the default limitations to something else.

In addition to image dimensions in pixels, you have to take file size into consideration, as not everyone has a high speed internet connection. You've got server load and bandwidth costs to consider, too. So, it probably makes sense to get a better feel for server load using the new software before making a lot of changes to the defaults (but, it does look like having member photo albums is a pretty neat feature that we can explore better ways to use in a Photography oriented community like this one).

TCav May 10, 2009 9:38 PM

I appreciate all the long hours of effort that went into the migration, and think that it went remarkably smoothly. These people know what they're doing, and I look forward to continuing here. I thought the 'Pictures & Albums'<!-- google_ad_section_end --> feature was a nice idea, but was surpised with its limited implimentation.

I've been exploring the UserCp and am interested in seeing how some of the features in vBulletin works.

JimC May 11, 2009 7:38 PM

We went ahead and modified the limits to allow images up to 1024x768 pixels in size to be posted in albums to see if that works out better for more members.

That's probably a good compromise setting so that members with higher resolution displays still have a large enough image for comfortable viewing in most cases, and members with lower resolution displays won't have to scroll too much to see an entire image).

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