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rernst Feb 7, 2011 12:43 PM

website link 404 ipowerus charger
From the url:

I click on the link that says "iPowerUS FC-501 charger
from Thomas Distributing"

And get a redirect to their home webpage. Apparenty the 501 isn't available, at least through them any more.

Ditto for the link "
iPowerUS 2100mAh NiMH"

I can't seem to find any battery or charger manufacturer called ipower, but is a website that shows one charger and a link for distributers, not end users.

Amazon does show some chargers for ipower (not ipowerus), mainly the FC-391 which seems to be the same as the 501, but hard to tell, especially if you can safely leave your batteries in the charger to just keep 'em fresh.

Lastly, is there a charger that will allow leaving batteries in, and will do both NiMh and the NiZn cells? That would sure be helpful avoiding clutter with multiple chargers.

Thanks, love your site, thank you for having it!


billy Feb 7, 2011 2:11 PM

Thanks for pointing out those 404s. The pages you are looking at haven't been updated in some time, which could be the reason the links are 404'ing. It's possible Thomas Distributing changed something on their end.

Not sure on your other question. I personally use NiZn cells from PowerGenix, and use their charger as well. I have seperate chargers for my NiMh and NiZn batteries.

You might find some of the other forums here useful for these types of questions. We have a wealth of knowledgeable members here, that are always eager to help. You might try Batteries or Power Packs.

Good luck!

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