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Default Canon SX10 or SX20+++XSi

JimC,.. Thanks for the exact data, and I will set that up. However I have shot in those conditions dozens of time and still never had that good a picture. I know what you mean about the shot being TOO CLEAR, EVERY TEAR WAS VISIBLE. However, when taking closeup of flowers and other subjects,.. it is all about getting it sharp.

I have some new information that I will get to.

billy, All I was after was to see if you actually shot some close up pictures with the kit 18-55 lens, and where the samples might be. Everyone says it SHOULD BE POSSIBLE, but no one has put one up.

I've been searching all over the net looking for review of various lenses. I won't mention the site but I found someone that primarily does detail reviews on lenses. He just also happened to compare the Canon kit lens to some of the other lenses he has tested. They have also been doing a year long study on IS and just how it works and how to test how effective it is.

In doing this he did a lot of testing on the AutoFocus function of lenses, including the kit lens, with the XSi. His findings about how the AF system works indicates there are "DEAD ZONE" on each lens that the Camera can't (or won't) try to reduce or fix or adjust. It is something similar to the tolerance between two gear teeth on the lens motor. The other effect is that the AutoFocus to get the best Blur results does not repeat, especially if the focus point is approached from far and then near, or in other words, from the front or the rear. The Canon new "Contrast AutoFocus" function, either by design, or via software, gives up once it get the first point decision. Multiple depressions of the trigger can sometimes give a better result.

Keep in mind, they are testing the lens for BLUR at all focus lengths and even the smallest mistake in focus will provide the wrong review results of any lens.

What does all of this mean. It is easy to duplicate the camera settings and the conditions the JIm C has mentioned, but if I still don't get excellent sharpness, what else can be wrong,.... the focus of the lens.

I'll be back once I've done more testing. By the way, I'll have to use a 540 Speedlight to match those settings.
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Originally Posted by trigger1937 View Post
I'll be back once I've done more testing. By the way, I'll have to use a 540 Speedlight to match those settings.
You should be able to match that configuration using the built in flash (although I probably wouldn't want to take portraits at closer ranges that way with a direct flash, that would allow you to more easily duplicate the portrait shot you liked in the SX10 review, if you prefer that approach). Part of what you seem to like is probably the harsher light from the built in flash at closer ranges, resulting in a more contrasty image. That's not the way I'd approach it if I had an external flash, and viewing images at 100% size on screen is not representative of what you'll see in prints. But, if you want to match that type of result, you should be able to do it with your XSi.

Again, if you think it's the camera holding you back, and you want more comments on what you're seeing, along with some suggestions on how to improve your results, I'd suggest you post some downsized samples of photos you're not happy with in our Canon EOS dSLR Forum
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