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Hey all, since I started photography, zooming has always been my style. My first camera was a Kodak P850 with 12x zoom two months ago, and I have a 1.7x Teleconverter in the mail.

My understanding is that digiscoping is used for either astrophotography or subjects far far into the distance (that arn't moving).

So could someone give me an explanation of this technique, and how I could use it with my Kodak P850?
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Good link, and pretty much sums it up. Essentially digiscoping is shooting through a telescope.

On the other side of the issue, rarely do good digiscoping images come about from shooting distant terrestrial subjects, but rather fromdetailsof relatively close-in subjects. The extrme magnification gained by long focal lengths areeither used for astronomy captures or for detail captures of subjects which are closer in but difficult to capture with conventional gear.

An example I like to use is an image I captured of a tiny butterfly (Painted Lady) which would have been virtually impossible with my conventional long focal length lenses.In this case it was because the subjects are prone to fly away when you get reasonably close with either macro or even convenional telephoto lenses. Typically I can put on a 600mm lens with 1.4x tele converter, use a1.6x crop factor dSLR body and get an effective 1344mm field of view. This is great for birding, etc., butas close as I can get with this arrangement is around 18-20 feet because that's as close as the lens combo will focus.

By using the samedSLR on my Meade ETX-90 I get an effective 2000mm and can focus fromabout 7 feet! So if I were to try to get close enough to usesomething like my 180mm macro, then the tiny butterfly is gone with the windbefore I can even think about focus.

So I set up my tripod, get a bar stool, focus on a nice flower, wait for the butterfly and shoot:

You can estimate the size of the butterfly from the dandelionbeing visited. Thisnear macro type shot couldn't be easily accomplished any other way. I've managed to shootextreme closeups of 1/8" spiders this way from distances of7 or 8 feet with great success.

On the other side, it's possible to get decent birdcloseups at 6000mm focal lengths by shooting through my Meade or Swarovski ST-80HD with a little Nikon digicamso there are numerous ways to use digiscoping effectively other than for astronomy purposes.

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