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Hi All:

Well, even though I have a 990 and an meade ext90 that I have been playing with w/o success, I bought a 4500 (329 from ibuydig including a5 year mach warranty and shipping) I also ordered a bunch of stuff for it from other places. Today I ordered a pentax pf80ed (759 + 15 ship from cameraland with, 20x60 zoom and case).

Got a 2 williams eyepieces coming for my 4500 and my sony camcorder.

Excited to see what it will do!

I was on another forum and answered a picture croping and printing question. Here is the info if anyone can use it.

Whooooops! Can't seem to paste it. It is on the Nikonians site down on the bottom left forum called Digital Printing. It is some good info on paint shop pro 9 preset picture croping sizes and printing that size crop. You can even make your own crop presets in psp9.


Wait, I think I figured this out. Will try and paste again. Helps if you make the font white in the file.



Paint Shop Pro 9 [/b]

Preset Crop Sizes[/b]


2 x 2 Horizontal = 600w x 600h

2 x 2 Vertical = 600w x 600h


3 x 2 Horizontal = 900w x 600h

2 x 3 Vertical = 600w x 900h

3.5 x 2.5 Horizontal = 1050w x 750h

2.5 x 3.5 Vertical = 750w x 1050h

5 x 3.5 Horizontal = 1500w x 1050h

3.5 x 5 Vertical = 1050w x 1050h

6 x 4 Horizontal = 1800w x 1200h

4 x 6 Vertical = 1200w x 1800h

7 x 5 Horizontal = 2100w x 1500h

5 x 7 Vertical = 1500w x 2100h

10 x 8 Horizontal = 3000w x 2400h

8 x 10 Vertical = 2400w x 3000h

Presets in Paint Shop Pro 9 are used to crop an image for printing. These presets are text files found under C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 9\Presets\Inches directory. There is also a metric directory.

You can make your own additional crop presets just by copying and renaming a preset file and doing the necessary math. 300 per inch. 150 per half inch.

PSP9 didn't come with all of the above presets. I created a few of the above that work fine. I use them to crop (after you make one it automatically shows up in the list of crop sizes in the program) a picture and then print the picture using the print size that matches the crop size.

I have had several inkjets over the years and always hated them because the ink cartridges are expensive and refilling them yourself is always a pain and messy.

About 3 weeks ago I finally got feed up with them and bought a Minolta 2350EN color laser ($600 after rebate a Quill). They are really nice! Made a few of the additional presets I needed and printed up 43 pictures and framed them all. Not one didn't fit the frame.

Below is a sample preset file from PSP9. It is for 4 x 6 with 6 being vertical. Notice there is only one place for the 4 and 6 numbers representing inches. Also notice only one place for 1200 and 1800. For a 6 x 4, which is a different file, you just reverse the numbers. You will notice the file naming conventions to use in the directory and save the new file under the appropriate name. Make sure you use the same filename extension.

Have fun!

John R. Deahl


Republic Software

Mechanicsville, IA

[email protected]

__________________________________________________ _________

from JascApp import *

def ScriptProperties():

return {

'Author': u'Jasc Software, Inc.',

'Copyright': u'Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Jasc Software, Inc. All rights reserved.',

'Description': '',

'Host': 'Paint Shop Pro',

'Host Version': '8.00'


def Preset_Crop():

return {

'CropRect': ((0,0),1200,1800),

'Mode': App.Constants.CropMode.CustomPrint,

'Units': App.Constants.CropUnits.Inches,

'PrintWidth': 4,

'PrintHeight': 6


def Do(Environment):

App.Do( Environment, 'Crop', Preset_Crop())

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I've got the same basic setup as you do. You will not be disappointed with that scope or camera.
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I got in a nikon lcd shield today. Boy, what a rip! What a little piece of plastic for $24.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost sent it back just on principle.


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