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I know we have a conversation going on someone elses question. ButI don't like it when I start a new thread with a querstion and after a few answers some other people go of topic and divert it into some other argument. So I will start a new topic here.

Check this out. My younger brother has had his own film studio in chicago, il for about 30 years. He does tv commercials for companies all over the world. His studio is a downtown chicago city block. My son says they have 3 very large complete kitchens amoung other stages. Tons and tons of equipment. Computerized cameras and tracking, etc.

My oldest son, which we sent to al's graphics design school in Tempe, az , now works for him.

It is amazing how many people and how much is involded in tv commercials. Seems like the way he describes it there are about 35 people involed in one way or another. They just finished a commercial for a chicken outfit in asia. The chickens had to be prepared a specail way so they had to buy special dual cookers/fryers and it took almost 2,000 whole chickens before they were done.

Here is his site. www.bigdeahl.com
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They definitely have been working on a variety of projects! It's tough shooting food - I've done a bit of it and I understand why they have kitchens! With commercials there isn't a lot of time to "get it right" and it's definitely equipment intensive. I would guess that the equipment costs alone would make it difficult for many to get into this line so he must have had great luck and skills to persist for 30 years at it!

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He is good, but like all professions it also depends when you get in. There is a lot of equipment needed now that wasn't then. He wouldn't have made it if he didn't meet his wife. She was an advertizing sales person. They met and hooked up.Nothing moves without sales.

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