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How about astrophotography with something like a Phoenix 650-1300mm f8:-16 Tele Zoom T-Mount [http://www.phoenixcorp.com/Lenses/Ma...50-1300mm.html]? Maybe a teleconverter? (Can you use a teleconverter with a T Mount?)

Does anybody have any experience using a setup like this?
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wow! almost 2 feet long at full zoom!

and @ b&h photo $299.95 man i wish they had

this for olympus e-500, but it would probably cost

8746522498734 dollars!
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I've used T-mount telephotos with 2x converter. In my former set-up I installed the correct T-mount for my camera body on the lens and then used the converterfor my camera. I used that setup with an inexpensive f6.3 400mm preset lens. If my memory is still working there where T-mount converters that screwed onto the lens and then you attached camera mount to the converter. These converters where harder to come by than 2x converters for the cameras.

I also used an Olympus auto-diaphram f6.3 400mm lens for the Pen FT with a Vivitar 2x converter for the Pen FT. It did decent moon photos. Using 800mm on a half-frame was logically like using digital zoom but with Kodachrome 25 it was OK.
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