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I am new to this. But, after reading around, this seems to be the best forum to discuss.

I have a Canon-A70. I was going to buy from Bugeye Digital --

Adapter http://www.bugeyedigital.com/product...-aub37a60.html
and Lens

Aside, from the "tweaking" needed for the lens, which http://www.pcaol.com/product.cfm?ProductID=580 does not need, any tips of what might be a good buy?

What is the disadvantage of such systems?

Seems to me I have to carry a tripod to use the max zoom. Is this true if I just zoom a little bit?

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In essence you will be adding a low power telescope to the objective of your camera which will extend the focal length greatly (depending on zoom) and anytime you have longer focal lengths you either need great stability or high shutter speeds and sometimes both.

How well the CrystalVue will work is something you first want to investigate. Generally, any but the rather tiny lens cameras like the Nikon CP series tend to vignette (shadowing to full circle of dark surrounding the image) rather severely at anything but full zoom. Sometimes, depending on the telescope, even the CP series Nikons have a degree of vignetting, but it's usually not excessive and usually there is none with the larger spotting scopes like the Meade ETX-90, Celestron C5, Swarovski, Pentax, Leica, Kowa, etc., especially if a wide exit pupil eyepiece made specifically for the purpose is used and you are at anthing except full wide angle. But the smaller monocular type scopes have different optical characteristics so my advice woud be to ask around and see if anyone has been successful with the combination you are about to try before buying all the adapters.

Another approach would be to buy the scope and simply hold it up to the lens and see what you are going to get. Then if it doesn't suit your purpose, you can pick up a used Nikon CP 4500 or sell the CrystalVue on ebay without loosing your investment in the specialized couplers.

Essentially you will need either a beanbag type support or tripod for full zoom in any but the very best light. How far back toward wide angle you may zoom without extreme vignetting is an issue you need to determine before investing too much in the peripherals.

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