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Default Digiscopic images from a 45x-eyepiece

Taken with a Swarovski 80 HD ATS, 45x-eyepiece and Nikon CP8400.

1 Common Kingfisher

2 Crested Myna

3 Black-winged Stilt

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Amazing photos- congrats!
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Absolutely stunning shots. It's amazing what kind of quality pics you get with quality glass (not to mention someone who knows how to use it and has a bit of patience). How far away would you say you were when you took the above pics? Also were any of those cropped?
I'm guessing you have a set up which would give you somewhere between 11X - 55X if your camera has up to 5X optical zoom and the scope is around 500 mm for those shots. I have a similar set up that I use from time to time which is a Pentax 80 ED with various eyepices including a variable power eyepice and a Sony 500CD. I still use it, but I've been experimenting aound with a Olympus E-620 dslr with a Sigma Bigma 50-500 mm which when mounted to the E-620 has a zoom range of 2X - 20X without the doubler mounted which would give it up to 40X. Even so, I'd swear the Sony/Pentax setup gives me better pics in the long run than the more expensive Olympus/Sigma setup. Go figure. Your pics are proof positive that really great shots can be had with the right setup and doesn't have to cost you thousands for something you really enjoy!
Keep posting the shots!
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Sorry Bayoublaster400 for replying this late. I have not visited this forum for nearly 2 years.
The focal lengths of the above shots are roughly between 2700 to 3100mm, so pretty mega telephotographic if reckoned from the DSLR point of view. The calculation is like this: I am using the 45x-eyepiece and the focal length of the compact digital camera (i.e. the Nikon CP8400) is around 60 to 70mm for the above shots, so the resultant focal lengths of the setup lie around 45x60mm (2700) to 45x70mm (3150mm).
My experience is both Swarovski's gear and the Nikon CP8400 are outstanding in optical performance. A pity is 8400 has become pretty outdated as regards noise control and speed of raw image processing. I have not used it for digiscoping for nearly 2 years. I have switched to Nikon V1 and its 10-30mm Nikkor and Samsung NX10 and its 20-50mm zoom lens instead.
Here are a few shots I took recently using the above camera setups. The first two were taken with the Nikon gear while the other two with Samsung's.
Attached Images

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