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Default Digital camera recommendation for microscope?

I have a trinoculor microscope that I would like to hook up a digital camera too. I need to buy the digital camera so I would like to know what I should get. Its just a normal microscope with 40-1000x magnification for basic biological work. This thing here actually: http://www.amscope.com/images/Picture_1526-b2.png

I have an adapter ready to go that gives me a C-mount at the top for the digital camera to connect too. A screenshot is at http://sites.extremehosting.ca/temp/adapter.jpg

I would like the camera to have HDMI out, record HD movies and stay powered on for a long time without falling asleep. I guess it needs to have a threaded lens so an adapter can join it to my adapter with the c-mount right?

I'm looking at the Canon SX20 IS or Nikon COOLPIX L110 but don't seem to know exactly what adapter would allow it to connect to my adapter. Does anyone know if these will work in general? I don't see any lens threads on the Canon SX20.

Anyone got any suggestions?
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Whooa Ken, you are planning to Digiscope an image, but you must start with a camera that digiscopes well, of which there are only about six in the entire word, most discontinued.

You MUST start with the camera and then assemble adapters, etc. that work with it. You will need to confirm this by hand holding or fixing on a temporary basis. You will need an eyepiece that digiscopes well with the camera. The camera attaches to it, not the scope. I like the Baadar Hyperions 1 1/4 inch barrel mount. Of course is mount is larger than you scope tube, so you will have to adapt this. Do not know much about microscope eyepiece, but assume you will not find one with a 20mm eye relief and 33mm diameter eye lens!

ALL cameras that digiscope have at least one work-around problem. I like the Lumix LX3, but you have to take special care to prevent the extending lens from bumping into the eyepiece. A less costly camera is the Canon A-590. But it will not auto-focus like the LX3 does. Both camreas have available filter adapter tubes with threads on the end for mounting. Little point in trying to find other cameras that digiscope, that has been done.

I digiscope snowflakes with my camera-eyepiece sub-assembly. The same sub-assembly also fits my 10 inch Dob. telescope and 80mm ED OTA scope. My microscope assembly is made from 1 1/4 tube so that the field stop of the eyepiece is placed at the specified working distance of the Lomo Plan microscope objective in order to get a flat field. Do not know about working distance of your scope, but keep it in mind. I can give you more specific information about the camera mounting and so on if you want. Gene
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Thanks for your response Gene. I like the LX3 but have no idea how to hook it up to my microscope. A quick search comes up with very little options for the LX3, thats why I was originally leaning towards a Coolpix L110.

Do you know how might I get an LX3 to connect with my microscope adapter shown at http://sites.extremehosting.ca/temp/adapter.jpg ?
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Dear Sir,
I have a trinocular microscope - amscope. I was thinking of getting a good dslr eg 500d canon and an adapter to hook on to it for histology....looking at cells. Has anyone used this combination? How is the result? What would you suggest to see the cells clearly?
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I just do this for fun so I have my Canon Rebel XT hooked up directly to my Konus College 600x with a photo adapter and T-ring.

First photo is a salt crystal at 600x magnification and second is air bubbles in a corn syrup/starch solution with red food colouring at 60x magnification.

Not too shabby for a $99 (US!) microscope lol.
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