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Default Eyepiece Adapters

Hi, I have a C-700UZ camera and a decent Vivitar 8x21 monoscope and I would like to attach it. I realize there will be vignetting (I held it up to the lens to test) but it is acceptable to me if it allows me to get that much closer. My question is this -- are there any reasonably priced eyepiece adapters around? I've seen a few for $100-$200 but there's no way I'm paying that much for a ring with 3 setscrews in it!!! I'll machine it myself first! Thanks for any help ahead of time.

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I just came across this website that sells adaptors:

I have a Toshiba PDR-M70 and they sell specific kits for various cameras. I have an older Jason telescope I was thinking about testing it on.
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I have read where people cut out plastic film cans and attach that to the lens. Or PVC pipes with fittings epoxied on. Drain pipes etc.
Just something to hold the camera close to the lens and something to safely support the camera weight if you don't want to hold it and deal with the hand shaking the camera.
Just be careful not to scratch lenses.
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If I remeber correctly you have a 55mm lens thread on the C700. You are going to have to rediuce that quite a bit to use the little 8x21 monoscope scope if it is what I am thinking it is. Scoptronics's products are first rate. I have a Nikon 995 and their 18mm WA eyepiece for digital cameras. It is the only combination that I have found that works without vigeting through the entire zoom rage.

I have made a couple of adapters myself using a UV filter glued to a PVC plumbing fittings. You can then drill and tap the PVC for some nylon screws or turn the inside bore to fit you scope. If I had it to do over again then I would start with an order to Scoptronics.

Scopetronics makes a device they call the "adaptaview". This can adapt most to most eyepieces less than 1-3/4 inch in diameter. You would also need a "T" adapter for your camera. The combination will set you back about $70. It is a good combination to start experimenting.

Of course if you have the ability to turn a 55mmx1mm thread them there are a world of possibilities available. That is beyond the limits of the tools I have available.


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