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BTF Jul 15, 2002 7:47 PM

FUji S2 & Meade 107D
I'm anticipating delivery of an S2 and concerned that the manual refers to several lenses are not compatible. Aside from the proper T adapter, Does anyone know whether I should be able to use this combination.

Thanks in advance.


Lin Evans Jul 15, 2002 10:36 PM

I'm unfamiliar with the Meade 107D designation - but if it's a Meade reflector type astro telescope which has a fixed focal length port made for connecting a 35mm film camera, you can use your S2 with it.

The S2 body connects through a "T" adapter suitable for Nikon bodies and Meade's own "T" connector which is a tube that provides the proper focal length and connects to the standard "T" adapter which in turn connects to the camera just as a lens would.

You will then focus the telescope like you would any manual lens and the effective focal length will be the actual focal length of the telescope (1250mm in the case of the Meade ETX-90) times the 1.5 (your S2 crop factor) which will get you 1875mm effective.

If you can give some specifics on the Meade 107D maybe I can be more precise.

Best regards,


BTF Jul 16, 2002 12:18 PM


Thanks for such a quick response.

The Meade 107D is a circa 1985 Catadioptric Spotting Scope (4" 102mm) F/10. My concern stems from the the following section of the S2 manual:

Nikkor lenses/accessories that cannot be attached to the FinePix S2 Pro

The following Nikkor lenses/accessories cannot be attached to the FinePix S2 Pro (otherwise
camera body or lens may be damaged):

TC- 1 6A Teleconverter
Non-Al lenses
400mm f/4.5, 600 mm f/5.6, 800 mm f/8 and 1200 mm f/l I with Focusing Unit AU-1
Fisheye 6 mm f/5.6, 7.5 mm f/5.6, 8 mm f/8 and OP 10 mm f/5.6
Old type 21 mm f/4
Kl, K2 ring. Auto Extension Ring PK-1, PK-1 1 , Auto Ring BR-2, BR-4
ED 180-600 mm f/8 (No. 174041-174180)
ED 360-1200 mm f/ 1 1 (No. 174031-174127)
200-600 mm f/9.5 (No, 280001-300490)
80 mm f/2.8, 200 mm f/3.5 and TC-16 Teleconverter for F3AF
PC 28 mm f/4 (No. 180900 or smaller)
PC 35 mm f/2.8 (No. 851001-906200)
Old type PC 35 mm f/3.5
Old type Reflex 1000 mm f/6.3
Reflex 1000 mm f/l 1 (No. 142361-143000)
Reflex 2000 mm f/l 1 (No. 200111-200310)

Without knowing about mounts on any of the above, I was concerned that in some way longer lenses have an effect on the Super CCD.



Lin Evans Jul 16, 2002 2:14 PM

That's quite an exclusionary list! I see the reason for your concern. I'm not sure why they exclude all these lenses, but it probably has more to do with the mount than any possible damage to the CCD.

I think it would be worth a call to Fuji to get some straight answers before investing in the S2 - you might want to think D100 instead.

Best regards,


BTF Jul 16, 2002 4:24 PM


Too late, the S2 is on it's way. Will make a call to Fuji to get a clarification. Will let you know the outcome.

Thanks Again.


Andybrightuk Jul 20, 2002 11:29 AM

I wouldn't worry about that seemingly long list of lenses that won't work with the's a tiny proportion of Nikon lenses in the huge Nikon range (new and old). You can buy any Nikon 35mm SLR today and a similar list will be in the handbook.
Andy B

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