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Default Kodak dx6490 digiscoping

Hey everyone,

Just reading some really interesting info about digiscoping. I used to do this on my Kodak dx3600 with a dodgy pair of binoculars and was wondering about the potential for digiscoping with the kodak dx6490.

Does anyone know anything about this, or can someone point me to another post somewhere?


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I know this is old, but I've been wondering the same thing.

www.scopetronix.com is the only place I have found, anything else out there, or do I just not know what the heck I'm looking for
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The Kodak DX6490 has zoom lens with effective SLR focal lenght
38mm-380mm. You will need a spotting scope that accepts a low magnification and long eye-relief eyepiece. The reason is that, if the lens in the Kodak is similar, say to the Oly C-750 (which I have), then in most scopes you will avoid severe vignetting only at maximum zoom. In most spotting scopes 20x is the minimum magnification. With your camera at 380mm and 20x scope power you would get an effective 7600mm telephoto which would be extremely difficult to get a good focus even with well illuminated targets and an ultra stable tripod. An eyepiece with long eye relief could let you have an unvignetted picture at a much shorter focal lenght.

But basically you can't tell a priori if a certain camera-scope combination will work unless you have some very detailed information about the camera and the scope, information that usually is not provided to consumers. One tip that I learned in another forum is to see if the camera lens seems to be very recessed when in lower or no zoom (ie, at the widest angle of view setting). The more recessed it seems to be the worst the camera for digiscoping. If you happen to have a scope and camera then try and see what you get...

I mentioned above that I have an Oly C-750. This is relevant for this discussion as it has a lens with specifications similar to your camera.
I also have a Kowa TSN-2 spotting scope (an older, non-ED, model).
Recently Kowa introduced a new eyepiece that was specially designed for digiscoping and in particular, to allow cameras such as the ones we have to be used for digiscoping with Kowa spotting scopes: Kowa's 8x TSN-VA1 eyepiece/digital-adapter combo. The scope plays the role of a 8x tele-converter for the camera. Due to the long-eye relief (57mm) and wide exit
pupil of the eyepiece the camera can be used with its zoom
lens ranging from 12mm (SLR equiv 72 mm) to 63mm (SLR equiv
380mm). This corresponds to a telephoto effective focal
lenght from 576mm to 3040mm. I think this is a good combination, see test photo below [Norm Jackson "Photoshopped" this one for me, bird was about 40ft from camera]. My other test photos [including the original for the photo posted here] can be seen at

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