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Default Maxview 40 // Oly C3020

Does anyone have experience with, or an opinion about, the use of the Scopetronix Maxview 40 ocular with a C3020 camera (in my case the scope would be a Celestron C90 Super)--

Would the vignetting be acceptable for terrestrial work? Scopetronix web site


has a photo showing only slight vignetting with this ocular and a C2100UZI. Would this be representative of what I might expect using my C3020 and C90?

The Maxview, T-mount/step-up rings/adaptor tubes are pricey enough that I really don't want to shell out the $$ for an experiment unless I feel like there are fairly good odds of successful outcome.
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The 40mm eyepiece is recommended for its huge eyerelief and ability to adjust camera lens to eyepiece distance. As it happens, the eyerelief this eyepiece gives may be more than you really need with the lens on your camera. If you check
he is using a 32x Leica spotting scope eyepiece (maybe 20mm eye relief?) with an Olympus C3000 (same lens?) and vignetting doesn't look bad (not sure how much the photos are cropped of course).
A 40mm eyepiece used with a 1.25" back (or worse 0.965" adapted back) will result in a loss of its potential FOV. FOV and eyerelief issues in context of digiscoping are discussed at :

A problem with the C90 is its long 1000mm focal length which could make getting sufficiently LOW magnification a problem. Hence the argument for going with long fl eyepieces. On the other hand a 40mm eyepiece may cause the central obstruction to become visible. Having said that, at above site, a 50mm eyepiece has been successfully used with a similarly specificed Maksutov.

Hopefullly someone can come in with more specific advice. I suppose this handwaving could be interpreted as my argument for trying your best go down the sale or return route...
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Thanks for the advice and the links.

My course of action is not yet clear, so I'll continue in 'head-scratch' mode for a while longer. :?
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I personally have used a 40mm eyepiece, with a custom machined 43mm adapter ring on my Olympus C 2500 L. This camera has a large lens, as does the 2100 UZ. I have used this combo with a Dynascope RV-6 with very good results. I also picked up a Nikon CP 950 and made an adapter for a T-Mount 500 mm telephoto lens, that alows me to use standard 1 1/4" eyepieces. I have used this setup with as high as a 13mm Celestron Plossal with good terrestrial results. The Olympus does vinyette with the higher power eyepieces, but with the 40mm from http://www.surplusshed.com The results have been very good. I will be trying out a 30mm eyepiece soon, and will post the results.

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