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Default new to digiscoping questions

I've enjoyed telephoto shooting with 35mm. As I'm considering a DSLR rig, I'm finding digiscoping very interesting. But I'm new to it- does it make more sense to use a more basic point and shoot digital that attaches right to a telescope, or a DSLR camera body? If I go the route of a DSLR, does a telephote lens get attached to a telescope mount, or does the body attach, via adapter, directly to a telescope? (In other words, is there an advantage to having a good telephoto lens?). Where can I find more basic info (i.e. what's an entry level telescope..or other options...?)? Thanks much for any suggestions!
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For digiscoping I chose a Nikon CP4500 that connects to my telescopes 32X eyepiece. From tests this gives me an effective focal length of about 1600mm, and by the time I zoom in a little to clear any vignetting, I'm normally working at about 2000-2400mm. This gives you a nice light-weight set-up that's fairly quick to set up in the field.

If you get a DSLR camera body then you can, with a suitable photo adapter and camera adapter ring, attach the camera body to the telescope with the eyepiece removed. With my Leica APO 77 this can give you a fully manual 800mm f11. With the DSLR body you've also got the option of buying other auto-focus lenses to fill in the closer ranges. This can plug the gap to a certain extent between the telephoto lenses that a number of people can afford and the 3,500 and over super-super telephotos.

A third option is to go for the DSLR with something like a 50mm lens and use this for Digiscoping. I've seen threads of the D100 used in this manner but the set-up is heavy and looks clunky to set up.

At the end of the day, if I'm going out birdwatching for the day I take the CP4500. If I'm looking for particular photo shots I'll take the DSLR and an appropriate telephoto.

In terms of scopes I'd recommend Swarovski and Leica. Not perhaps entry level, but worth the money.

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