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Has anyone tried the Nikon coolpix s10 yet for digiscoping? I have a camera mount I got from the Orion telescope sight a few years ago. The kind where you mount the camera on a sliding rod and the other end clamps to the eyepiece so that you actually slide the camera forward till the lens butts up with the eyepiece glass to eliminate as much vignetting as possible. Is the internal zoom of the s10 camparable to my 4500 (other than the 10x zoom) mechanically or do you think I would be waisting my time. I know it's not the preferred way to mount a camera as the screw on mount I have for my 4500, but if I can't get the 4500 operational again, I was going to try and experiment again. I know the camera doesn't have shutter or aperature priority modes but it does have a manual focus mode though. What do Ya'll think? Worth a shot? Thanks again.

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I have not used this camera nor do I know its particulars. Thus this is just a general comment on digiscoping with digicams with telephoto capabilites. In general those are not the best choice for digiscoping but they can be made to work if your spotting scope accepts a lower magnification and high eye-relief ocular. You want to keep the effective SLR equivalent focal length under 3000 mm. Since the s10 has a maximum SLR f. l. equivalent of 380mm this means an ocular with no more than 8x magnification on your scope. Few spottings scopes have oculars with this low magnification available. The higher eye-relief the ocular has the more you can zoom out (i.e., get closer to the wide-angle range of the camera lens and thus reduce the toal focal length of the ensemble) your camera thus increasing the range of focal lengths available for photos.

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Appreciate the reply. Very informative. I'll start crunching a few numbers with the wide variety of eyepieces I have and see what I come up with. I may just stick with my Sony CD-500 setup I've been using since my 4500 quit on me (CD-500 with t-adapter coupled to a variable power zoom eyepieceon aa Pentax PF 80ED scope. The variable power eyepiece eliminates the vignetting while the other 7 standard eyepieces don't.) I'll try to fixmy 4500 myself since I now have a guide as to how to do it and hope for the best. Thanks again for the reply.
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