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Default Swarovski and DSLR

Hi All

I have the Swarovski AT 80 Spotting Scope. I use the two camera adapters, 800 and 1100mm repectively.

When I bought this scope it came with the 20-60 power eye piece, which I find not practical for use with a DSLR even with the adapter that you bolt onto the lens.

My question is this: If I used a reducing rind on the threaded front of this eyepiece could I then screw this to a T-Mount directly and make use of the higher power? (Yes, I know the recieved light would be abysmal, but I can work around that on at least some occasions).

Does anyone know the thread size on this eyepiece (save me from writing to Swarovski, although they do write back).

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I'm a little confused at exactly what you are planning to do. You say that the variable 20x-60x eyepiece which came with your Swarovski is not practical for use with your dSLR, but then you ask about connecting it to a "T" mount which would be only useful for a 35mm film or dSLR type camera?

The thread on the Swarovski 20-60 is 35mm (assume you mean the treads left when you unscrew the rubber eyecup). You can use the 20-60 afocal with small lens digicams such as the Nikon CP series, but I don't believe it will be useful with your 35mm film or 35mm dSLR camera, even if you could mount it with a "T" adapter. The scope without an eyepiece has a fixed focal length of 460mm. You really won't get much more than the 1100mm with the Swarovski adapter you already have without shooting afocal, and the small exit pupil on the variable eyepiece is not condusive to shooting afocal with a dSLR.

Best regards,

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Hi Lin

The reason you are confused is that you are dealing with a confused man No wonder!

Actually I bought (and then returned) the adapter that gets bolted onto the 20-60 eyepiece and it sort of worked. I was very unhappy with the resulting Rube Goldberg look to this mess. I used a 50mm Nikon prime lens to do the attaching. I was just wondering if I could try to do this with an "adapter" simply made out of reducing rings, and a t-mount which would at least allow for a stable hook-up.

Moreover the bolt on adapter is something like $250, while buying a couple of rings would set me back very little.

So if the threads on the 20-60 eyepiece are 35mm, that answers my question

The unspoken question as to whether it would actually work - I gather you are saying no?

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