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Default Meade ETX 90 EC

Lin Evans:-

Hi..... I have just purchased the Meade ETX 90 EC for both Terrestrial and Astral use. Could you please advise me, which adapter is the best or most obvious to connect my CP 995 to it's rear port. Also should I take up Meade's offer re their eye pieces, or is there a better choice elsewhere. I live in the UK and I am novice re digiscoping.

BTW the eyepiece supplied by Meade is the SP26mm

Thank You in advance.
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Congratulations Geordie.

Hope you've been lucky with the eyepiece provided. I recall one of the default eyepieces supplied with these scopes had a rather deep flange; that made it difficult to get the camera lens and eyepiece lens close enough to avoid vignetting. Maybe you could try some handheld shots to test.

Don't know about adaptors, but remember Lin recommending the William Optics lens : 24mm fl I think; the 28mm referred to the thread which allowed it to screw directly into the camera filter thread. Just checked, details here at bottom of page :


Whichever way you go (and hope you can get Lin's ear) I hope you've saved back a bit of your budget :shock:

Best wishes, Norm
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Hi Geordie,

There are several ways you can go with this scope and get great images.

As Norm said, I've found the William Optics DCL-28 eyepiece to work very well with this combination. Also ScopeTronix has several eyepieces which are essentially equivalent to the DCL-28 and priced about the same.

The beauty of these solutions is that you need no mechanical adapter to connect the objective of your 995 and the eyepiece because the eyepiece itself is threaded to mate to the 28mm filter threads on your camera.

Other things you will want to consider will be the Eagle Eye "Wing" and the Xtend-a-View Pro. The Wing lets you mount the Xtend-a-View without using velcro (the Xtend-a-View is a 2x Loupe/Sunshade) and this combination works perfectly with the CP995 for digiscoping.

Both these products are available at:


If your budget permits, I would highly recommend the DigiSnap 2000 from Harbortronics in the U.S.


This is a remote release which lets you snap the shutter without moving the camera. Though you "can" do this with the timed delay (3 or 10 seconds), the DigiSnap really is great for this. Also the "Wing" provides a mount for a mechanical release which "can" depress the shutter button. You have to be careful and choose a mechanical release which has a long enough reach to actuate the shutter button itself since none of the digicams have a true mechanical release facility built into their shutter actuation devices.

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Hi Norm and Lin

First let me thank you both for your sound advice.

Norm I got a what I consider to be a great deal from Pulser Optics. I found Gary a pleasure to deal with and he sorted out initial problems immediately. ie broken legs on the tripod and a missing accessories he replaced immediately at no cost re post to myself. So thanks again for your advice and the link.

Lin I think I will go with the ScopTronixs Setup It sounds very good. I have the viewpro and use the velcro. Ive not had any problems with it. But I have considered the extendaview also. But at a later date. I also have a good release system with a long reach. You are right a mechanical system is far better than anything else. Mine does get in the way of the battery compartment and at this time I am waiting for Eagle Eye to have their new battery pack product for sale and I will buy that.

Having said all of that I will keep your links in my favorites and I am sure I will use them at some time in the future.

Once again Thanks for your advice and help.

I have been unable to get out as yet as the mother in law is hospitalised and lives 300 miles from my own location. Once things are sorted I hope to get some work done soon.

Wonder how long it's going to take for it all to arrive. I also saw a setup for my 2100uzi and may be able to use that also. What do you think?

Bye for now.
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Lin I mis-understood your advice re the Digisnap 2000. I thought you were just talking about a mechanical release. Now that I have viewed the URL link. I see what you mean. It is something that I will keep in mind for the near future.

Once again Thanks.
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